Welcome to Paula's Design Team online scheduling, @ this time there are limited services to choose from for online booking. To avail yourself of this service you need to be registered with us, please call (309-852-0444) during

normal business hours to update your information (Email & phone number required), it will take about 2 to 24 hours to finalize your registration. You will receive an email from booking@paulasdesignteam.com (check spam folder)with your username and password, you will then be given the opportunity to change your password if you should so choose.

Thank you for choosing Paula’s.

While we continue to refine our online booking, please keep in mind that when you are booking your appointments time is only allowed for the service booked. Even though we may have time to work in other services please do not anticipated us having enough time to shampoo, blowdry and curl or smooth your hair, when you have been booked for a haircut only, similarly if you scheduled for an eyebrow wax, we may or may not have time for an upper lip wax. So as you are using this service please keep in mind that we are new to this and it is a work in progress. We still do day before confirmation calls and may start sending out confirmation emails. Thank you very much for using this service please let your friends know if you enjoyed this and let us know if you have had any difficulties.


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